Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Holiday Favorites

I love most anything sweet, but my mother-in-law makes one of the best treats in the world. My mom makes one of my favorite cookies in the world, and they only make them at Christmas time.

Mom makes springerle cookies. These are German cookies that have anise in them. I am not usually a big black licorice fan, but there is just the right amount in these cookies. The cookies are not easy. The dough takes forever to mix up, and then they have to be pressed with special wooden cookie presses, and then left out over night to dry out. Then you bake them and they puff up. They are so worth it. If I had a press I would make them. They are the best when you are having coffee. LoVe them! Here is a picture

This beauty is hand carved and runs about $45.00 at http://www.cookiemold.com/, just in case you needed a last minute gift mom! This site also has a couple of different recipes for these pillow cookies.

This year my mom-in-law made some of these treats and I have already eaten all of them. I think Chris and the kids got about 1 each. I REALLY love them. They are called haystacks and I decided to make some tonight.

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