Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goals for the New Year

What goals are you making for the new year? Some of you may call them resolutions, but I call them goals. I try to trick myself into thinking that if I call them a goal I will actually follow through with them. I have to tell you, secretly, of course, that it really doesn't work. :)

I am sitting at work today and wanting to post on my two blogs, but I don't know how long my hands will hold out. I am having some arthritis problems in my hands and they are not cooperating with me in the least. I have all these things I want to do, like clean and organize my entire house, but alas, the hands are keeping me from doing them! ;) are my goals for the year. I try to keep them to five.

1. Exercise
2. Start a Bible study with friends
3. Post to my writing blog everyday
4. Organize more of my life
5. Love more

The last one is from a post from earlier this month about being overwhelmed by the holiday season. I have already started thinking of how to show my love in tangible ways to those that I love. I will keep you posted on this. #1 on this list needs to happen everyday, but we will see. I am actually shooting for three times a week. We will see. #2 will actually stretch me a little. I will have to organize this and ask people to participate and take a risk that they will say no. This is so hard for me. #3 will be hard to maintain as well. I get in a mood and want to write, then the next day I don't want to do it. I need to gain more discipline in this area so I will keep working on it. And #4 is just there because it is there every year. Maybe I can actually follow through this year....

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