Monday, December 1, 2008


I missed a couple of days so I have a couple of posts that I have been thinking about so you will have to read more than one today. :)
There are moments in life that just take your breath away, don't you think. Then there are moments that you just feel so much emotion you can't contain it. The emotion comes out in laughter, crying, or shouting. Sometimes I think that I am more emotional than most because this happens to me often.
Saturday night I had some of these moments with Emily. She and I were home by ourselves because she had lost the privilege of going out to get ice cream after dinner. But I think our time together was much more fun for her, so not such a good punishment, oh well. :) Here are some snapshots we took together. I took some and she took some. Enjoy.
Me getting ready to play "Jesus Loves Me" on the piano for Emily. This is her favorite song. She just couldn't get my head in the picture. She took five of them. :)

"Mommy, lay down and put your hands like this and smile."

"Emily, now you."

"Mommy take a picture of me shaking my booty!"

"Now my booty!"

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