Saturday, December 20, 2008

Little Girl Fashion

Okay...those of you who know me know that I am CRAZY controlling about clothes. I want my kids to look cute, and above all MATCH. We do not leave the house with spiderman pajamas, cowboy boots and shorts. I am not judging anyone who does. I just can't stand to see MY kids that way. I know this is a GIGANTIC problem for me and my kids think I am CRAZY.

So I told Emily to go and put some clothes on before we started our day of crafts and sewing. Here is what she came out of her room wearing.

Makes me laugh, even though I have this compulsion to make her change, I didn't. Later when we actually leave the house to meet grandma for dinner she WILL be wearing something different. But for steps!


wilderlamb said...

I LOVE it Melissa! That made me laugh just knowing how hard that was for you. You did well. It will be ok. I think she is very creative!!!
It could have been worse. She could have mixed patterns instead of just solid colors!

Cullum Family said...

i know it could have been ALOT worse and it makes me smile everytime i look at it. i think i am getting a little better...