Thursday, December 18, 2008

Positive thoughts

After yesterday I really need something positive to happen. Just like it often does this event came from my children.

Last night I spent most of the evening sewing Christmas gifts. I am no where near done, but I have at least started and can start to move forward and get more done tonight, and maybe finish by the end of the weekend.

Well, when I started to pull out the fabric I had on hand and pick out the ones I was going to use, Emily came into my room. She wanted to sew too. She ran and got her wooden sewing machine that my friend Sandy gave her for her second birthday. It comes complete with the little foot thingy, and yes I do sew a lot, but I can't think of what it is called right now. It also had a little wooden box with little wooden spools of thread, so cute, and it is pink. She loves it.

Anyway, she ran and got her sewing machine and set it up on the bed by my sewing table. She picked out some fabric that she liked and sat with me in the kitchen while I cut out what I needed. While she sat there she cut out her fabric as well. She and I chatted and had a very nice evening together.

This morning she came into my room and climbed in bed with me and said, "Mommy, let's stay home and sew today." My heart just melted. That's what it is all about my friends.

So can you guess what we are doing tonight?


wilderlamb said...

That is so sweet!

Cullum Family said...

she can be the sweetest and sassiest little girl i have ever known. :)