Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gingerbread House - a photo story

Yeah, we get to make a gingerbread house and play with Lilly, what a fun afternoon!

I think Bubba has more candy than me. Thanks for sharing, Lilly. Now Emily has more candy than me. Mom, can we get started. I really want to put this candy on the house since I can't eat it. Look at the wreath I put on my side. Look at all the candy I put on my side. I really want to eat this candy!

We're all done. Can we actually eat something sweet now? I smelled sugar cookies baking in the kitchen, then we all want to go for a walk!

Look at our beautiful gingerbread chalet. Mom, take a picture and let's go for a walk now!

Thirty minutes and a dog later...

I want to thank my friend Allison for giving me the idea for this photo story. The one with Charlotte and Santa was priceless!

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